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Tales of Life with the New York Cosmos.

This Month Steve Hunt joins me to talk 70's excess Cosmo's style


In this months episode of the podcast I am joined by Steve Hunt who one rainy day at Aston Villa's training ground was told by then manager Ron Saunders "There's a man in the canteen who wants to take you to New York i have accepted his offer" and within days with bags packed Steve and his new wife swopped the grey sky of the midlands to team up with his new squad at pre season in Bermuda.

Waiting to welcome him was a squad that included the greatest player in the world Pele and a supporting cast which included the infamous Giorgio Chinaglia.

There are many tales from a time when excess was embraced in all aspects of daily life as a member of the "Cosmos" .

This was Football's or Soccer's equivalent of a "Rock'N'Roll band on the road the party never stopped

the final whistle at home games was greeted with rock stars and actors turning up in the dressing rooms keen to be seen with the biggest stars in the big apple.

At night there was always "Studio 54" to keep you amused and if you arrived to see a long line of people snaking around the block waiting to see if they were deemed cool enough to enter there were 4 words which once uttered would grant you access to NYC's hottest establishment

"I'm with the Cosmo's" .

Steve was great entertainment although i am sure there are many more tales that didn't make it into the book the old saying "What goes on with the Cosmos stays with the Cosmos" i think came into play after all the tag line to the movie read "Girls Greed Goals Superstars and Excess" "Thats Just The First Half"

You will find the latest edition of the podcast on the podcast homepage where you can stream or download, and the links to buy the book are in the "Bookstore" .

After listening to this and reading the book i recommend you get a copy of "Once in a Lifetime" the book by Gavin Newsham and if you can find it watch the movie of the same name.

Listen in to the podcast now by going to the "Podcast" page in the menu at the top of the screen.

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