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Boxing's Greatest Ever Fight.

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

The headline is enough to cause debate and argument but that is half the fun of making bold claims such as these for those who were't around at the time they will probably view it as just another old timer longing to head back to the days of his youth and that nothing today is as good as it was in the good old days this of course is possibly true I do hold the belief that Boxing's golden era for me at least was when I first took an interest in the 80's and lets be honest here we did have it all from

the 4 Kings Hagler, Leonard, Hearns, Duran and the most destructive heavyweight champion in history Mike Tyson.

The era began with one of the most controversial moments in Boxing and that still stands today it was of course the "No Mas" fight where Sugar Ray Leonard regained his WBC Welterweight title beating Roberto Duran who turned his back and walked away from what he perceived was a humiliation.

We has Ali and Fraziers last fights, Larry Holmes beating Ali, Wilfredo Benitez was top of his game, Alexis Arguello was a three weight champion then was stopped from becoming a 4 weight champion by Aaron Pryor and lets not forget Julio Cesar Chavez 107 wins in 115 and a 4 weight world champion and then there were "The SuperFights" although that was the billing given to Hagler Leonard it could easily have been afforded to Hagler Hearns instead in the aftermath

it became known as "The War" and this only scratches the surface of the decade.

This brings us to the current edition of the podcast where I am joined by author Don Stradley who joins me to talk about his new book which chronicles the events leading up to the fight of which there are many remember this fight was first muted at least 3 to 4 years prior to it happening and the build up including the press tour was unprecedented as the pair traversed the country in private jets and that was the cause of one of the issues Marvin had the lear jet Tommy didn't which led to claims Marvin was living the high life on champagne and lobster whilst Tommy was chowing down on a ham sandwich.

So join us on the show you can listen in here on the website or stream via any of the streaming platforms and after hearing the story you are still not convinced then you can relive the moment here.

If you enjoyed this edition of the show then do check out the other Boxing related shows of which we recorded several this last 12 months including Glyn Rhodes "Beyond Good and Evil"

Tris Dixon's "Warrior" the story of another 80's legend Mathew Saad Muhammad.

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